WORKPRO 100-Piece Screwdriver Kit Review

I was shopping around for a new screwdriver set recently. My old kit contained broken bits and my progressive involvement in DIY projects needed an upgrade.

Workpro makes screwdriver sets that are available for purchase at Lowes, Amazon, and other stores. I was looking for a kit that is well assembled and can be fixed to a wall with quick access. Standard screwdrivers often last a couple projects and then break apart.

Work Pro screwdrivers are constructed from Chrome Vanadium for durability and are magnetized. Having multiple sizes and length available in addition to the ability of a torx screwdriver with a large selection of driver bits, one can quickly get the job done. At $39.99, I thought the quality was good and I was paying a little more than usual but getting a lot of stuff for that price.

I made the purchase online at Lowes for pick up at the store. This way, I don't have to worry about storing the receipts as I can quickly find them from "order history" from the account. The order was ready for pick up in an hour and we were excited to open and explore. The kit came in a plastic wrap and was ready to be installed on the wall.

The base of the kit is made of black plastic mold that can be placed on a work surface or can be hanged on the wall. I chose to hang it on my Wall Control pegboard so I can quickly detach it if needed. All screwdriver handles are labeled with a pictorial and size written on it and have an individual slot. The smaller bits are secured with a rubber mold secured in the front of the base for easy access.

Grip and Handling
At first, not being used to so many screwdrivers, we had difficulty finding the right screwdriver. However, we quickly learned to organize the bits in order of most used to least used and picking the correct one then was a breeze!

All drivers felt well secured in operating hands. The smaller drivers came with a top grip that allowed fine rotations while the top is secured by the base of the thumb.


We tested these screwdrivers and bits through tough situations, driving screws through undrilled walls, concrete, and hardwood without issues. The bits held the screws well and did not break despite harsh forces. The torx driver worked well and it was easy to switch the rotation with the slider on the shaft of the driver.

-100 piece Ratcheting Torx, Square, Philips, Hex and Slotted Multi-bit set
-Economically priced
-A secured base that can be placed on the work surface or hanged
-Chrome Vanadium tips for long-lasting strength
-Comfortable grip
-Lots of sizes and lengths to choose from.

-All screwdrivers are not magnetized. Only the bits are magnetized.
-Transporting the kit can be difficult and the screwdrivers can fall out as it lacks a closed lid storage.

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