Venture on Clay Pot Painting

Colors fascinated me, always! My one-year-old mind was ready to paint the world when I began walking, grabbed some crayons and started scratching them on the wall. My parents noticed it but let me continue. As time passed, my imagination grew and you can see preciseness in my work.




With the passage of time, my love with color kept growing and I felt my life more and more colorful, more joyous. From the clothes I wore to play mat to building blocks I created, everything was a mixture of rich colors.



As I learned to create contrast and developed control over shades and lines, we decided to venture out for some real painting. Having already tried coloring the walls, paper and almost everything else, I was looking for a different medium of excitement.

Rightfully, my mom took me for Clay Pot Painting. At first, it seemed strange but very electrifying. At the place, many kids like me were busy creating colorful characters and I was quickly absorbed into the idea.

At the clay pot-painting studio, there were numerous characters, animals and subjects and shapes to choose from. I chose to paint a Lion, my favorite animal and the King of the Jungle.

Quickly, I sat down with a palette of colors and a brush. The lion was actually a piggy bank; the concept of saving money for my future gripped me further in carefully planning colors.


Easier said than done! A daunting task was to keep my little fingers from touching the colors. Nevertheless, I was able to paint well and finally liked my work. The pot will go for final fire treatment and will be ready for use in a week!


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