Trip to Lemos Farm

Today is Sunday! Momma woke us up with a surprise gift… a talking bird. It repeated everything I said in a funny voice! Little brother was gifted with a collection of cars! 

Soon after breakfast, we got back into the car and drove to a nice forestry area. Soon we found ourselves in Lemos Farm.

Upon disembarking, we saw pony rides, train rides, hayrides, shop with popcorns and ice creams! What else, we enjoyed all of those. The pone ride was especially long and enjoyable with many rounds on a lovely pony. Both my little brother and I enjoyed a lot. We enjoyed posing in various cut-outs while bursting into laughter. Later, reviewing the photos while writing this blog was even more fun

The weather was sunny but with a slight wind in a shady area. This made the entire trip more enjoyable. Nevertheless, we are always prepared with tackling any situation and keep hats and jackets with us all the time!Later in the evening, we enjoyed another round of Ice cream!

Enjoy and stay tuned for more at!

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