Summer…My Way!

Hello Friends, It has been a long time since I wrote a post. But, it is never too late!

With the rising temperatures, it has been so much fun. I like the light green blossom and so many flowers that are blooming!

Light Green Blossom

For example, look at this plant with its light green blossom. Its leaves are so soft, I cannot give up pampering them!

Remember, the summer is the time where our hard work pays off. My little brother and I helped our father plant a strawberry plant last year and now it is ready to give us fruit!

Home Grown Strawberry

Look at this gorgeous strawberry that is ripened to perfection on its plant!

My father plucked a few of these ripe strawberries and hulked them with whipping cream, sugar, and some milk and a few minutes later, we have fresh strawberry ice cream!

After freezing it for 20 minutes or so, it came out flavorful and creamy, very nice.

I took this photo in a hurry…..right before my little brother started enjoying it!

Shaved Ice

Another one of my favorite treats of the summer is shaved ice topped with various syrups…yummy!

Hope you all enjoy this post and stay tuned for more at!

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