Pistachio Ice Cream Recipe

Making Ice Cream is always fun, eating Ice Cream is even more fun!

We love veggies, but we adore Ice Cream!

Kids Atu, let’s make some Ice Cream!

Pistachio Ice Cream in Easy Steps: Recipe

  1. Half cup Sugar (adjust to taste).
  2. One fresh vanilla bean extract or paste (1/2 teaspoon).
  3. Three crushed cardamom seeds.
  4. Mix the three.
  5. Crush half up pistachio and add a few strands of saffron. Set aside.
  6. Pour one cup (240 ml) of regular milk. Mix well.
  7. Add two cups or one pint (473) ml of heavy whipping cream. Mix well.
  8. Turn on the ice cream maker and add the mixture to the bowl.
  9. Once the mixture starts to solidify, add crushed pistachio & saffron.
Pistachio Ice Cream Muffin

This went well with a chocolate muffin!

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