Photographic Composition

Proper composition of the scene is vital for adding attractiveness in child photography. A combination of subject movements, expression, and lighting combines into an appealing outcome.


With the advent of high-quality cameras on smartphones, taking such photos while maintaining a child’s natural expressions is somewhat easier for day-to-day photography.


Several conditions are ideal to further ease the composition task:

  1. Lighting- Photography in full daylight is much easier to avoid catching child’s attention to flash.
  2. Background- taking photos while children are playing outside offers natural background, contrast, colors and preserves shadows.
  3. Shooting angle- Proper adjustment of shooting angles create unique artist’s impression on each image.
  4. Sudden distraction- Calling or distracting the child while in act often renders natural expression directly into the lens. However, such distraction often terminates ongoing playful activity and therefore should be reserved towards the end of the photoshoot.

Cap creates a shadow on the face while the body creates a shadow on the bench.

Using partial glare of the sun from far left, the side of the face is highlighted without overexposure.

A lot happens in milliseconds.

Caught in action!

Sudden distraction while capturing natural expression.

Using natural stone at the seat to maximize overall portrait power

We hope that these simple tips will make your photographic composition more powerful. Share your comments with others and us if you find this article useful. Stay tuned for more at

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