My First Cruise Trip

A while back in November, I was strolling with my daddy near a beach and I saw a very large and tall, white ship & upon asking was told, “it’s a cruise ship!” I said, “ I want one!” Daddy said we can try to arrange a trip on such a ship. I was excited.

Meanwhile, I imagined what life would be like aboard the ship and made a drawing on my drawing book.


The life aboard was far different than I had imagined…for good!


First, we had to travel to the “port” where daddy said the ship would arrive to pick us up. The trip was full of bagels, donuts, and chocolates!

At night, we craved for more chocolate and daddy got us a huge chocolate cake! It was fun poking and carving the yummy chocolate with our little fingers!

The next day morning revealed cruise ship docked on the port. The black ship with red horns is “Queen Mary II” that sailed between New York and England in 1930s.

Daddy took a panorama of the harbor…lovely!

During the boarding process, there was a replica of a cruise ship, I wanted it but I was told I could not get it, sad.

I saw the name of our ship while boarding it and was much excited about Orange color mini boats, I wanted to ride one but was told it is used only in the case of an emergency.


Once on board, we went through the briefing process and emergency evacuation training. It was fun to know what to do in an emergency. We had good food at night (spaghetti was yummy) and slept well in our tiny room.


Our first stop was Catalina Island and we came ashore on a mini boat. The view of the ship was spectacular from the island.

I even made friends with a pelican and an albatross.


The ship was like a mini city and had almost everything. I loved the warm swimming pool.

Leaving Catalina Island for Mexico rendered some memorable images of sunset.

Our second stop was Ensenada, Mexico. It was a bright and sunny day but we thought the walking was too much and therefore decided to take a stroll around the port and spend the day on the ship.

Our last day was a fun day at sea and we ate a lot, lots of sweets, fruits, and strawberry juice, I finally learned how to apply butter on bread evenly!

We drove back home the next day and as you can see, little brother is a bit sad!

Enjoy and stay tuned for more at!

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