Leading The Way

I remember the days I walked around the house slowly holding my dad’s pinky finger. I was very careful with potholes, snails, and ants and loved the flowers. As time marched on, now I have a baby brother and I decided to take on the responsibility of making sure he is safe when we venture outside our home.

We went out for a stroll one fine afternoon. Just in case we get hungry, I packed some quick snacks in a small box. I saw that my brother was venturing out in the bushes, so carefully explained to him the need to stay on the marked path. He listened to me pleasantly and agreed to hold my hand while walking!

Both of us had a pleasant journey and enjoyed the snack. As we returned safely, our dad showed us candid images and shadows that he took during our trip. He was proud of me and said, “You lead the way”. It does mean a lot to me and now I take care of my brother more than ever!

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