Jelly Belly Factory Tour

We wanted to go and check out a very special place this weekend…a Factory! The idea did not excite us at first but when our daddy promised that we will enjoy and it is a surprise, we were jumping with joy!

We fixed ourselves in cars and tied our seatbelts. I, Overjoyed even dressed fancy and put on momma’s sunglasses! The trip to the factory was full of sceneries with lakes and mountains and picturesque homes.

After an hour-long drive, we arrive at the “Jelly Belly Factory” Yay! We love Jelly Candies but never thought of visiting a factory that makes it. How exciting!

When we arrived at the registration desk, we learned that they offer a free tour and personalized tour. Since the factory was not operating at the moment, we took the free tour. This huge jellybean character hanging from the ceiling greeted us and my little brother was more excited about grabbing it and perhaps eating it than anything else!

The tour began with some information on the origin of this factory and history on a large TV screen. It was a pleasure to learn that the operations are being conducted by the same family and now by the sixth generation! The factory was extremely clean and well organized. The tour was created by adding a walkway, sealed by glasses so we can see the actual machinery!

We looked at the molds by which jelly is originally shaped and then learned how different ingredients are added in various delicate and complex processes to form a jellybean. Thereafter, those are cleaned, polished and inspected manually to remove imperfections. These are then kept for storage, packed and distributed.

The Jelly Belly Company has an international factory as well that supplies jellybean candies to the rest of the world! They told us that they use natural ingredients that are safe and approved for our tummies! At the end of the tour, we received some free sample packs that we immediately started enjoying!

After the tour, we took a quick bathroom break and then went to Jelly Bean Café. The food was yummy. Thereafter, we strolled across the shopping area, took some free samples. 

On the way back, we took a nap in the car and for the dinner stopped by a Mexican Restaurant and enjoyed creative salads and nachos!

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