How to spend a Lazy Weekend

Ever imagined not doing anything but sitting around? Being fed leisurely and end couple of days like that? Well, we will tell you what we did!

It is a beautiful, sunny Saturday morning, well past 9 am and we are still in bed wondering why to wake up. But our tummies were gurgling and we had to brush our teeth to get some milk. 

I like my teeth and try to keep them clean by brushing thoroughly twice a day. Daddy says, I will lose my teeth soon and will get a new one!

After playing a lot in the garden, daddy pointed out that the raspberries are ready to eat. In a few minutes, we had a bunch of ripe, red raspberries in our bowl and happiness on our faces. Delicious, particularly enjoying it together.

We had early dinner and momma surprised us by taking us to Icicles, rolled ice cream place! 

Sunday morning was quieter with a lazy stroll in the park an enjoying an apple.

Yeah, that’s how we do it!

Enjoy and be back for more at!

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