Christmas Tree Decoration

One morning, my little brother and I were having breakfast. I had just learned that it was vacation time and we did not have to go to school. Although I like going to school very much, vacations are also my favorite!

I whispered into my little brother’s ears- “You know, we are going to make a Christmas Tree today and decorate it!” He was so excited!

My daddy and mamma erected the tree and we helped them decorate it.

It took a while because we took rest in between.

It was ready finally and looked great! We opened the presents and we had chocolates and toys!

I spent evening becoming a Chef! 

The next day, I enjoyed a puffed bread.

My little brother plucked a fresh apple from the tree and ate it all! 

How did you celebrate your Christmas? Leave a comment to let us know and share with the world! Enjoy and stay tuned for more at!

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