Cherry Picking Trip!

It is Memorial Day Weekend! After paying my tributes to soldiers that protected our country and learning a bit about Civil war, my dad took me and little brother for Cherry picking!

We had been to this before but we had to use a ladder last time and I felt a bit uncomfortable with it! After a pleasant drive through mountains and churning windmill farms, we reached a large (rather huge) farm.

This farm had Olives, Pomegranates, Bing cherries, Rainier cherries, Plums, and other fruits. Since the cherries were planted a bit inside, we were offered a ride in a trailer that was towed by a tractor. It was so much fun to sit without a seat belt after all!

Once at the trees, we saw that we were in luck. Most of the cherries were present on the lower branches where our tiny hands could reach easily! My brother and I had so much fun collecting and sampling ripe cherries.

We learned the following (and this will help you as well):

1)    Bring water to sip. It gets hot.

2)    Wear loose but full sleeve clothes to avoid sunburn.

3)    Stay with parents, can get lost easily.

4)    Be careful while selecting cherries, other cherries can fall while picking the one you want and that will waste this precious fruit.

5)    Look for dark color and evenness before picking.

6)    Avoid picking fruit that appears dry or wrinkled.

7)    Wash them before eating!

My little brother was brave enough to handle be bucket all the way to the sales counters. On our way back to the entrance, he got on to the tractor for a candid photo!

Once in the car, we ate more cherries, drank water and fell asleep on the way home! We plan to have another session on plum, blackberries and other fruit picking events.

Hope you enjoy! Stay tuned for more at!

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